The Young Readers Edition: Cool Ways to Remember Stuff

Hott Synopsis

Are your kids learning how to recite the planets in order?
Do they need to learn the world’s longest rivers?
Are they writing a paper and need to know whether it’s accept or except?What? You can’t remember?

Grab this useful guide to help you – and your kids – easily learn all many things to get them through school!

Hott Review

Getting my children through school is much more difficult than getting myself through school was. Why is that? Do I really need to know the planets in order from largest to smallest? Is it necessary to remember the hierarchy of species? Apparently.

Well, this handy guide has gotten me out of more than one jam because although, yes, I know how to use a preposition but explaining as my child is frustrated with his homework is a completely different thing.

Spend a few bucks and make homework time pass by without the arguing and headaches.


Author: Susan Randol
Grade: B+
Ages: 6+

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