Hott Synopsis:

At fourteen, Patience had a tremendous crush on an older guy. It seems he ruined her for everyone else because she just can’t find someone else who makes her feel the same way. But he disappeared into the night never to be seen again.

Until today.

Justice has returned and Patience feels like the years since they were last together were nothing. He’s everything she remembers and more.

She’d love to dive right in but first she only has one question – why did it take so long for him to come back to her.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I LOVED IT! I know. I say that about all of Susan Mallery’s books but this is absolutely one of my favorites! Ms. Mallery, as always, is a great writer but when I dig into this series I just feel like I’m transported into Fool’s Gold and I’m a part of their family.
What I didn’t like: There were a couple of moments that I thought it may be difficult to keep some of the characters straight in this book. If you’ve read the series you shouldn’t have a problem but if not there may be a few moments of wondering. Don’t worry though, they’re not important to the plot.


Author: Susan Mallery
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A+
Steam: Adult – it’s steamy but not too descriptive & not throughout the book
Series: Fool’s Gold #11

Chasing Perfect, 1

Almost Perfect, 2

Sister of the Bride, 2.1

Finding Perfect, 3

Only Mine, 4

Only Yours, 5

Only His, 6

Only Us, 6.1

Almost Summer, 6.2

Summer Days, 7

Summer Nights, 8

All Summer Long, 9

A Fool’s Gold Christmas, 10

Halfway There, 10.5

Just One Kiss, 11

Two of a Kind, 12

Three Little Words, 13

Christmas on Fourth Street, 13.5


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28 Replies to “Review: Just One Kiss”

  1. I can not wait for this book! I loved meeting Felicia in Just One Kiss! It will also be nice to learn more about the mysterious Gideon.

  2. Just One Kiss was fabulous! I l LOVED IT! It is a great book to start off our summer reading! Justice and Patience match perfectly with each other and in the Fool’s Gold town. The struggles each face with their families we can find pieces we relate with allowing us closer to the characters in the book. Susan Mallery delivers again! This book is a must read on everyone’s summer reading list! Enjoy!

  3. You’ve got to love the “Fool’s Gold” series! The series has lovable characters, unique story lines that just grab you and keep you coming back for more.

  4. Love Fools Gold. Love Just One Kiss, looking forward to reading Two Of a Kind. Susan Mallery series is the best.

  5. Love just one kiss and the fools gold series!!! This book has the perfect mix of romance and mystery. Cant wait to read more on the bodyguards of fools gold

  6. Always love returning to Fool’s Gold. It is like returning home!! I love starting my summer reading a new Fool’s Gold book!! Just One Kiss was a great book & a must read!! I can not wait to read Two of a Kind!

  7. Susan Mallery’s Two of a Kind out, just finished reading it and it was great!! Now looking forward to Three Little Words!

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