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‘Lunch by the Bay’ is a new dating service started by Will Lincoln in Chesapeake Shores.

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He’s spent years perfecting the criteria for matching couples and is finally confident enough to put his system to work – if only getting his love life in check was so easy. It’s not the matching that’s the problem – it’s the girl.

Jess O’Brien cant believe that he still looks down his nose at her! Sure, Jess was an impulsive child with ADD that frequently got into trouble but she’s turned her life around. She’s created her own business and manages to operate it completely in the black. Now, if only she could find a Mandy to share it with. Maybe the new computer dating service will help.

Hott Review

This was not my favorite in the Chesapeake Shores series. Honestly, I didn’t like Jess much. I’ve actually never liked her in the books – not even when she showed her redeeming qualities – so this was a tough one to finish. In my opinion, because of her less than ideal childhood and her struggles with ADD, Jess has a victim attitude and her bouts of feeling sorry for herself got to be annoying. Neither of those things makes for an easy childhood but her reactions, as an adult, just frustrated me.

Then there was Will who was just so romantic. He stands up for her to her family. He builds her confidence and self-esteem. He rescues her. He’s been waiting for her since high school. What’s not to love?
I was planning to skip this book in the Chesapeake Shores series because, quite frankly, I didn’t care very much for Jess. (Actually, truth be known, I did skip it) but then I read Kristin’s review at Always with a Book and I just needed to go back and grab it.

Thanks, as always, Kristin!!

Author: Sherryl Woods
Rating: C+
Steam: Adult
Series: Chesapeake Shores 6
Publisher: Mira Publish Date: 4/26/11
ISBN: 0778329798 Price: $5.38 (GR)
Others in the series: 1. The Inn At Eagle Point
2. Flowers on Main
3. Harbor Lights
4. A Chesapeake Shores Christmas
5. Driftwood Cottage
6. Moonlight Cove
7. Beach Lane
8. An O’Brien Family Christmas (October 2011)

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  1. Thanks Gina…I am looking forward to reading An O'Brien Family Christmas – hopefully that one will be more to your liking! 🙂

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