Hott Synopsis:

Nothing is better than knowing that, with your partner, you’re unstoppable. Nothing is worse than the fear of losing that partner – and your dreams.

Madison and Dayton have been together forever they were two halves of a whole – on and off the pitch. Something is changing Dayton and Maddie isn’t sure what it is. It seems like soccer isn’t as important as the boys, the mall or the fake id.

Will Dayton throw away everything the girls have worked so hard to achieve on a semester of fun?

Hott Review:

What I liked: I really enjoyed this book. It’s not a novel. It’s not terribly descriptive BUT it’s something my to-the-point athlete will love. It’s spot on for those sports loving reluctant readers. Although it’s about teenage girls I know boys that wouldn’t mind reading this – especially since it’s so very real.
What I didn’t like: If you’re looking for fluff – this isn’t the book for you!


Author: Amanda Humann
Source: Netgalley via Lerner Classroom
Grade: B+
Ages: 13+
Series: Counterattack


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