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What would you do to get away from your legacy?

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What if your father was Big Jack O’Hara – thief, scam artist, grifter?

Laine chose to change her name and move to a small town where no one knew her. Things were going good for her, too, until her her father’s friend manages to get himself killed right out in front of her antique shop. His last cryptic words to her being ‘Hide the pooch’.

Max just can’t figure out why on earth Willy would have come to Angel’s Gap. There is absolutely nothing here. Until he realizes that the only place that Willy visited was an antique shop owned by none other than Big Jack’s daughter, Laine. Now, all Max needs to do is to find what Willy is hiding.

Hott Review

I really enjoy Nora Roberts’ books. There is just something that draws me in every time.

Remember When is another solid novel. It’s a completely stand alone novel reminiscent of her ‘Three Fates’ novel. Yes, I know it’s a completely topic, there was just a feeling while I read (maybe the character’s personalities?) that pulled that book into my mind.

There is intimacy and language but nothing too graphic. It was really just a fun book where they’re searching for something and the consequences are life and death.

Author: Nora Roberts | J.D. Robb
Rating: A
Steam: Adult
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2 Replies to “Review: Remember When: Hot Rocks”

  1. Great review. I need to try some of Nora's work. I love her made for tv movies based on her books.

  2. I loved this story, too! In fact, I absolutely loved the format of the book Remember When–the way it had two related stories–one a straight contemporary romantic suspense and the other the futuristic crime fiction. I wish she'd do more of those!

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