Room 42

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Only four months left, then Dave Martinez is a free man.

Dave is an eighth-grader at Lakeville Boarding School, the school for boys with unexplored potential (aka losers). If he can control his impulse to steal, he can return home and attend regular public school. If he doesn’t, he will be sent to Birmingham High, the worst high school on the planet, and his life will be doomed forever. For just a few more months, he needs to stay out of trouble and keep a low profile. And he’s pretty good at that.

Then Dave gets a new roommate, Tom Grant. Tom is allergic to boring and doesn’t know how to listen to rules. His wild plans involve all of his roommates, especially Dave. They’re dragged along with Tom as he hunts animals (and teachers in pajamas), goes sledding on cafeteria trays, and drives bulldozers through the night. Dave’s chances of keeping a low profile are going down the drain.

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Hott Review:

I’ve been looking for a good middle-grade book to share with the boys. So much is written just for girls and it’s difficult to find books that will appeal to middle-grade boys.

I’ve found just what I was hoping for with Room 42.

Room 42 is an excellent read that I’m sure will appeal to many of both gender and reluctant readers.

This book reminded me a bit of the movie Holes but with a whole lot more personality and without the mystery. We don’t know why most of the kids are at the lbup school except for the Dave, who is a kleptomaniac. I was quite concerned for part of the book because I felt that his stealing wasn’t being taken seriously enough. Reflecting on it though, it just wasn’t the point. The point was about overcoming your own obstacles and that was well done.

I’m excited to find more books by Melody Bremen. Her writing pulled me in and triggered my imagination without being wordy. Plus, she used words not in a typical middle-graders vocabulary in such a way that they’ll learn by reading. Yay!


Author: Melody J. Bremen
Source: I purchased Room 42 on June 22, 2017 when it was free.
Publisher & Date: April 18th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Middle Grade
ISBN: 1530966795 (ISBN13: 9781530966790)
Pages: 260
Grade: A
Ages: 8-15
Steam: None
Setting: Lakeville Boarding School for Boys with Unexplored Potential



Author Bio:

Melody J. BremenMelody J. Bremen writes books for middle grade and young adult readers. She lives on a distant planet where all they do is write and read books. (Sometimes they eat jelly beans.) She has a faithful computer named Oswald.

Websites & Links: author's website


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