Hott Synopsis

No he didn’t!

Heidi’s grandfather has really done it this time! Wow! How is Heidi ever going to fix this?

Heidi’s grandfather has sold her ranch – except he doesn’t own it – to an unsuspecting widow. Sure, it was for a good reason but it was a scam nonetheless. Now, the widow’s powerful arrogant son is here demanding retribution. He wants the money or the ranch. Except, Heidi doesn’t have the money and she won’t give up the first home she’s ever had.

The judge thinks they should compromise.

Compromise… sure.

Hott Review

I adore Fool’s Gold and Susan Mallery. But because of that I rate her books on a completely different scale than I do others — otherwise they’d all receive A+ and it wouldn’t really help you.

I loved this book, but I’ve enjoyed others in this series much more. It was a fun westerny romance that wasn’t too steamy and was a bit light on the snark.

It’s also one of those books that you can pick up and read even if you’ve not read any of the others in the series.


Author: Susan Mallery
Grade: B
Steam: Adult — Steamy but not overly graphic
Series: Fool’s Gold, 7

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    1. Thanks for stopping, Felicia! I just ADORE Mallery’s writing style. I’ve yet to read a book by her that I don’t want on my bookshelf!

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