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Richie Foreman has been behind bars for seven years convicted of a crime he swears he didn’t commit.

He maintains that he wasn’t driving the car that left that woman dead. He’s almost positive that it was his best friend. The best friend who has since gone on and made it big with Richie’s ideas. The best friend who is now married to Richie’s then fiancé? The best friend who is now laying in the morgue.

Is it only irony that the man who stole his life is murdered after Richie’s release?

Hott Review

What I liked: It was amazing to me how fast I fell into the pages of this book. It was one of those reads that I just couldn’t put down and I’d practically growl if I was interrupted.
There will be some who won’t enjoy the time flop between chapters in the beginning, but I promise — it’s all worth it!
What I didn’t like: You’re going to laugh but my only problem with this book was that I had to think. I work in a techy field and must think all day every day and when I read I generally prefer mindless fun – yet, I will be re-reading this suspense!


Author: David Carnoy
Source: Partners in Crime
Grade: B+
Ages: 18+
Steam: Adult

Author Bio:

While David Carnoy lives in New York City with his wife and children, his novels take place in Silicon Valley, where he grew up and went to high school (Palo Alto). His début novel, Knife Music (2010), was a Top-10 bestseller on the Kindle and also a bestseller on the Nook. More medical thriller than high-tech thriller, to research the novel Carnoy spent a lot of time talking with doctors, visiting trauma centers, and trailed a surgeon at a hospital in Northern California to help create the book’s protagonist, Dr. Ted Cogan.

The Big Exit (2012) isn’t a sequel to Knife Music per se. However, a few of the characters from Knife Music figure prominently in the story. His second novel has more of a high-tech slant and reflects Carnoy’s experiences as an executive editor at, where he currently works and is trying resolve his obsession with consumer electronics products. He went to college at Wesleyan University and has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University.

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Thank you to Mr. Carnoy and Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for generously offering this book for review. As always, I really enjoyed being a part of your tour.


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