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Yes, it really is beginning to become Lissa’s mantra. The whole town may be in on the conspiracy to buy the inn but the implementation seems to keep falling on Lissa’s shoulders. Currently, she’s helping to convince the ferret that’s come to town in hopes of purchasing the inn that it’s not worth his time or money.

Goodness! Trying to convince him there isn’t a ghost isn’t working. Trying to run him out isn’t working. Even trying to have one of the sexiest females in town seduce him isn’t working. What will it take to get under his skin?

All he seems concerned with is finding the upper half to the delicious female whose bottom half fell through the ceiling over his bed. He’s even gone so far as to implement a search for the woman whose shoe was left behind when she escaped.

Hott Review

What I liked: I really enjoyed Lissa and Steve. They were wonderful characters and I could have continued reading about them again and again. I think this town would make a wonderful series – hint hint.
What I didn’t like: This was a bit more graphically steamy than I prefer. It was easy to skim those paragraphs though as it wasn’t permeated throughout the book.


Author: Judy Griffith Gill
Source: Open Road via Netgalley
Grade: A
Steam: Adult +
Series: Not really but it appears that the author does have several ‘redone’ fairy tales.


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