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A princess needs her fairy godmother to help her chose the right prince. She expects that she’ll know him as soon as he rides up her drive in his shining armor riding his brilliant white steed.
But real life isn’t like a fairy tale. Sometimes the armor and steed are a disguise.
Maybe, just maybe, if this princess were to take the advice of her fairy godmother she’d know her knight when he arrived.
More importantly – she’d see through the disguises of the others.

Hott Review

I wish I could have read and taken this book to heart as a teen. It’s a quick and easy read that reminds each of us that our Knight in Shining Armor should not complete us but enhance the person we already are. It really irks me when I see teens, and some adults, expecting another person to ‘fix’ them.
My favorite lines from this book:

Back then she thought her life would be perfect once her Knight in Shining Armor came along. Wasn’t that what her mother had always taught her? Wasn’t that how all of her storybooks ended?
She knew now that happily-ever-after wouldn’t simply meet her at the end of the aisle.

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t like it that the author believes it’s all totally us whereas I believe that God is what completes us. However, even with that – I will be keeping this book and sharing it with my daughter until she truly gets it!


Author: Kym Petrie
Source: Greenleaf Book Group via Netgalley
Grade: A
Ages: 14+
Steam: YA


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