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Everyone has that one person in their life that has gone out of their way to make us miserable. To make us feel small. To do everything in their power to destroy what we love.

For Diana Disston that person is Helen.

So when Diana’s father returns from an extended business trip with the surprise of having married Helen Diana feels as if her life is on end. Especially when her father tells Diana that he’s done it so she’d have guidance when choosing a spouse – as if she’d take advice from that serpent!

Now, Diana has no one in whom to confide or trust, will she find the One who is always there? Maybe finding the deliverer of the daily Mystery Flowers will help her discover Him.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I thoroughly enjoyed Mystery Flowers! It was completely about trusting the Lord with our lives and letting go of pride and worldly things.
Diana is one of my favorite characters in all of the Grace Livingston Hill books I’ve read. She’s a strong person who, even when she’s not familiar with God, has a strong knowledge of right and wrong, and who refuses to compromise even for someone she loves.

What I didn’t like: It’s a great lesson, but may be misinterpreted…


“Now, we’re going upstairs!”said Helen. “Come, Diana, I want to get this over with and be on our way!”
Diana wanted to get it over with, too, so she followed silently up the stairs after the bride, who skipped up lightly as if she were enjoying herself. “No, not in there!”she said sharply, as Diana swung the door of her father’s room open and switched on the light. “I never liked that room. I’m going to take the room across the hall when I come back.”
“Oh, but that is my room,”said Diana quietly.
“I know,”said Helen amusedly. “I have a perfectly good memory. But it’s going to be my room now. I’ve got it all arranged. Your father and I talked it over, and we decided to give you an apartment on the third floor. Then we can take this whole floor ourselves, and you can feel more independent. We’re doing the whole house over soon, anyway. And then you can arrange the third floor as you like and have a place to receive your friends and entertain as much as you like without interfering with us.”
“I wouldn’t care for that, Helen,”said Diana with sudden spirit. “I’d rather keep my own room. Mother had it done over for me just before she died, and I feel more at home there than anywhere else.”
“Oh, indeed!” laughed Helen amiably. “Well, you’ll have to get used to feeling at home somewhere else, then, for that’s the room I’m going to have. In fact, I’m using the whole second floor myself, so you may as well understand it. I shall have lots of guests and shall need every inch of space, so that’s that. Take it or leave it as you like, but you rate the third floor.”
Helen stepped across the hall and swung Diana’s door open, glancing around the lovely room with satisfaction.
“You can leave this furniture and hangings just as they are. They’re not so bad! I may use them entire for a guest room. It’s rather a good color scheme. And you can take the furniture from your father’s room up to the third floor for yourself. I never did care for it, and I suppose you’ll like it for its association!” She gave another mocking smile and turned back to the other room. “That was what I wanted to tell you: you’re to hire someone and have everything from here moved to the third story. You can arrange it as you like, of course. It’ll be your domain for a while. You’ll be getting married soon yourself, I suppose, but until then you can fix that floor to suit yourself.”
Diana stood and stared at her, a frozen look upon her face, utterly appalled at the attitude the new mistress was daring to take toward her on this the very first night in the house. It seemed as if some enemy had her by the throat. She could not think of any reply that would be adequate. Her lips seemed to be sealed. Even if she knew what to say, she felt that no sound would come from her. It was as if her vocal chords were paralyzed, as if her whole being were turning to stone.


Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Source: NetGalley
Publisher & Date: 1630588482 (ISBN13: 9781630588489)
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN: 1630588482 (ISBN13: 9781630588489)
Pages: Omnibus 848 pages | Mystery Flowers ~240
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Steam: None
Setting: 1930s US
This Counts for these Challenges: 2015 Let Me Count The Ways Reading Challenge, 2015 Women Challenge, 2015 Historical Romance Reading Challenge, 2015 NetGalley Reading Challenge,

Grace Livingston Hill

A popular author of her day she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction. Her characters were most often young female ingénues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.


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