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The timeline is burning. No one knows why.

Teenage twins Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert have defeated doomsday machines, ice monsters, and time-traveling supervillains. Yet their full potential remains out of reach. The Chrona is elusive, and without her guidance they struggle to grow in their abilities and to choose the course of their lives.

When an enemy invades from the future, he brands the twins as war criminals. Amidst a war between ages, the twins must uncover the real truth about themselves, their accuser, and the secrets that brought him to their town. At all costs, they must unlock their true power before the enemy breaks the timeline completely. If they fail, it could mean the end of Time itself.

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Hott Review:

With nonstop action The Genesis Flame is definitely a YA Suspense of epic proportions!

In what is, sadly, to be the last of this enthralling series Ryan Dalton does not disappoint – he ups the, well, everything. I could barely put The Genesis Flame down and I had to pry it out of my reluctant reader son’s hands. It’s rare to read a series that just keeps getting better, but The Time Shift Trilogy is something you won’t forget!

I may have gotten an ebook copy of The Genesis Flame as a gift from the publisher, but I bought two physical copies, as well. One for my son & another as a gift. Trust me, whether you’re visiting old friends or hanging out with the gang for the first time The Genesis Flame is a book you’ll devour and want to read again!


Author: Ryan Dalton
Source: Jolly Fish Press
Publisher & Date: April 24th 2018 by North Star Editions/Jolly Fish Press
Genre: YA Sci Fi Adventure
ISBN: 9781631631702
Pages: 450
Grade: A+
Ages: 15+
Steam: YA
Setting: Emmett’s Bluff
Series: The Time Shift Trilogy #3
The Year of Lightning
The Year of Lightning
The Black Tempest
The Black Tempest

The Genesis Flame

Author Bio:

RYAN DALTON either wears a cape and fights crime abroad, or he writes about it from his red captain’s chair at home. Perhaps he’s a superhero that’s trained with the world’s finest heroes, or he’s a lifelong geek who sings well and makes a decent dish of spaghetti. It’s also plausible that he’s been plotting to take over the world since he was ten, or that he’s since been writing novels to stir the heart and spark the imagination. Either way he lives in an invisible spaceship that’s currently hovering above Phoenix, Arizona.

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