Hott Synopsis:

Isabel is on a short term time frame in Fool’s Gold. She only needs to stay long enough to sell the family business and she’ll be on her own again. On her own to pursue her dreams of becoming a premier retailer in NYC.

Isabel’s the perfect choice for Ford. He desperately needs to get his interfering mother off of his case long enough to readjust to civilian life… readjusting to life in Fool’s Gold will be another thing all together. He just needs to talk her into pretending to be his temporary girl.

Denise just wants Ford to settle down so he’ll stay this time but probably taking a booth at the parade to collect bride applications may have been over the top. It appears that Ford has made his choice… now Denise just needs to see if they’re bluffing.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I really enjoyed the by-play and the personalities of Ford & Isabel. They’re really friends who find that they really do enjoy each other’s company. I loved about 80% of the book 😉
What I didn’t like: Quite a bit more X-rated than I like.


Author: Susan Mallery
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A
Steam: Quite Explicit
Series: Fool’s Gold #13

Chasing Perfect, 1

Almost Perfect, 2

Sister of the Bride, 2.1

Finding Perfect, 3

Only Mine, 4

Only Yours, 5

Only His, 6

Only Us, 6.1

Almost Summer, 6.2

Summer Days, 7

Summer Nights, 8

All Summer Long, 9

A Fool’s Gold Christmas, 10

Halfway There, 10.5

Just One Kiss, 11

Two of a Kind, 12

Three Little Words, 13

Christmas on Fourth Street, 13.5


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