Hott Synopsis:

“Because, Mr. McGarry I’m reasonably confident that my daughter is in love with you.”

One little sentence and it completely changed a friendship.

What was Larissa’s mom thinking? Sure, it’s possible that Larissa has become entirely too comfortable in her friendship with Jack McGarry to look elsewhere for a lasting and real relationship. Yes, it’s completely reasonable to admit that Larissa isn’t going to get married or have children until she gets out of her comfort zone. But to have ruined it like this?

Jack knew the only way to deal with this problem was head on – so he asked Larissa flat out and got the answer he wanted. She isn’t in love with him. Except now, every time she’s near he can’t help but look at her like’s she’s, well, dinner.

Can Jack and Larissa get their easy friendship back before these illicit thoughts ruin everything?

Hott Review:

What I liked: I absolutely lived through this book — I felt like I was each of them and couldn’t help but to be overjoyed and heartbroken while reading. These characters were absolutely perfect in their flawed realistic way and I adored both of them.
What I didn’t like: I cried through the entire last chapter.


Author: Susan Mallery
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A+
Steam: Adult — a couple of pages that are descriptive but in a romantic sort of way
Setting: California
Series: Fool’s Gold, 15

Chasing Perfect, 1

Almost Perfect, 2

Sister of the Bride, 2.1

Finding Perfect, 3

Only Mine, 4

Only Yours, 5

Only His, 6

Only Us, 6.1

Almost Summer, 6.2

Summer Days, 7

Summer Nights, 8

All Summer Long, 9

A Fool’s Gold Christmas, 10

Halfway There, 10.5

Just One Kiss, 11

Two of a Kind, 12

Three Little Words, 13

Christmas on Fourth Street, 13.5

When We Met

Before We Kiss

Until We Touch
Yours For Christmas


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