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Aladdin’s Lamp or Pandora’s Box?

Jeremy Shuttle twelve-year-old bug-lover can’t help but be the constant brunt of the school bully’s pranks. He knows that at some point he’ll be left alone – especially if he can keep his sarcastic comments to himself – but for now he must deal with the angst.

Until, he ventures into an odd store and finds that maybe his drawing are worth more than just some personal enjoyment. Maybe, they can right wrongs and bring balance or maybe they’ll just wreak havoc. Either way, Jeremy and his best friend Natalie are going to find out why the drawings he puts into his new sketch book come to life.

Hott Review:

What I liked: This adventure is so much fun! I enjoyed every second of this book!. I can’t wait until the kids get to read it!
Shortly after reading this book I received an email from the author letting me know that the ARC I received had some typos in it that he’d corrected before sending it for final print. I have to say, usually typos distract me terribly but, I was reading this book so fast I didn’t even notice!!
What I didn’t like: Depending on the age and maturity of the reader there are words that will build vocabulary or turn them off. I liked it for my avid reader but not my reluctant reader.
The cover is an issue. I think that many older readers would enjoy this book if the cover didn’t turn them off.


Author: Jeffrey M. Daniels
Source: Jeffrey M. Daniels
Grade: A
Ages: 12+ (there is a “pheromone” section that I’m not comfortable giving to all)
Setting: ?
Series: Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, 1

Author Bio:

Jeffrey’s parents moved down to Florida from New York just in time to make him a native Floridian…one of the few remaining in the state from that halcyon era of the 60’s.

Born under the sign of Gemini, he obtained degrees in appropriately opposite fields of Accounting and Advertising, though he claims not to have inspired the unfortunate term “creative accountant”.

His career in writing, beginning with tear-inducing messages on family holiday cards, continued as editor of his college dorm newsletter, through various advertising positions. Despite the self-infliction of many years of Finance and Accounting work, he managed to squeeze out a regular newsletter for his Finance group whose sole purpose was to make its readers laugh. Needless to say, it had nothing to do with Accounting.

After a return to advertising and creative, Jeffrey finally finished his often-talked about young adult fantasy adventure novel, What If?, the first book in a trilogy about a young boy, Jeremy Shuttle, who is given a sketchbook that makes everything he draws in it become real.

Jeffrey currently lives comfortably in South Florida, driving with his windows down and wondering why so many people complain about the humidity.

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