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Mason has decided to join the basketball team.

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Well, to put put that more accurately, Brody has talked Mason into joining the basketball team because Brody’s parents don’t have time to take Brody and Brody can only join the team if he has a ride. Being Brody’s best friend sure is a lot of work for Mason.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Mason liked basketball – or sports. Of course, neither does Mason’s dad who has just been volunteered to be the coach.

Who is going to learn more this season? Or better yet, who will have the most fun?

Hott Review

This was so much fun. My oldest, CJ, was in many ways like Mason. He preferred computers and books to well, anything outdoors or sports related. So I really got what Mason – and his mom – were going through in this book.

Team sports are such a big deal any more that this is a book that most kids and their families will easily relate to and can laugh at.

Author: Claudia Mills
Rating: B+
Series: Mason Dixon 3

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