I received a phone call this past week from the library. The very nice librarian called to tell me that the books Bug reserved were in.

We had reserved several books for CJ, but nothing for But, so a bit confused, I asked, ‘Are you sure you don’t mean CJ?’

No, these books are reserved for Bug.’

Hmm, well, can you tell me what they are so I don’t make the trip for a mistake,’ I asked since I had helped reserve the books I’d know if they were what CJ wanted – well, that and I really didn’t have time to run to the library.

‘I’m sorry, due to the PA Privacy Act I can’t give you that information.’

To her credit, when I got the kids their library books, the librarian warned me that with the new privacy act I would be unable to call and get the balance on overdue books or request information on what they had reserved. When I agreed I thought, that’s not such a big deal I bring them to the library and they email the overdue information to me so this shouldn’t be an issue. NOT! At no point did I realize that would mean that I couldn’t do motherly things like make sure I wasn’t running to the library on a fool’s errand.

Since I really didn’t have time to run home and get CJ, I had planned to stop by and get the books on my way home to get the kids so I asked if I could pick up the books and just put them on my card. ‘Sure,’ she responded.

Huh. So what you’re telling me is that due to the Privacy Act you are unable to give me information on my child’s account


I can pick up the books he reservedprovided you don’t tell me the title (I promise not to look!)


you cannot tell me how much they owe for overdue books but I can come in and pay for them (how will I know whether to hand you a $5 or $0.20??)

Seriously?!?! That is what this world is coming to?

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  • I totally agree! I recently had to pay a fine at my library and instead of helping me our librarians stood there and looked at me like I had six heads. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to take care of my business at the library.

  • I'll admit I felt sorry for the librarians. I know they have their rules & they did explain it to me – I just have to wonder why the State would enact a law that would prevent a parent of a minor to get info on that minor. Who exactly are they protecting? Not my children! They have no clue!

  • That's crazy. He's a minor! By definition that means no privacy until you're 18. LOL! Seriously, though, that is messed up. I understand that children have and need rights to protect them… but really, this one has some serious loopholes that could work against them!

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