A few months ago I caught up with the very wonderful Jody Gehrman. She happened to ask if I’d be interested in reading a very preliminary copy of her upcoming book that may possibly be titled, “Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic”. Don’t tell, but I’m going to share my thoughts — keep in mind though that since I read a preliminary copy some aspects may change.

Hott Synopsis

How is a teen supposed to live her life when a new monkey wrench appears every day?

Audrey was finally starting to get used to her crazy life and hiding even what seemed to be the most mundane things from her boyfriend and sister when even that starts to unravel and they all end up in her mother’s hometown – i.e. where the witches thrive.

Now, there’s new evil — her sister isn’t the center of everyone’s attention. There’s a new huge secret. Something has gotten in and, well, of course, everyone blames Audrey.

Can Audrey make it through this new trial when her mother’s still MIA and she’s with a grandmother she’s never met – and isn’t sure she can trust?

Hott Review

Oh my goodness!! I couldn’t put it down. It was perfectly enchanting!!
What I liked: I really enjoyed almost everything. The story was terrific I’ll be grabbing more of Jody’s books! I’d have no hesitation giving this to my daughter or nieces.
If you were okay with them watching the first Harry Potter movie this one is just as tame, except for one smooch ;).
What I didn’t like: Generally I detest reading anything in first person, but for some reason it worked for this.


Author: Jody Gehrman   
Source: Jody Gehrman
Grade: A
Ages: 14+
Steam: YA — for now just some toe curling kissing and one instance of sacrifice
Series: Audrey’s Guide #2

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3 Replies to “Sort of Review: Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic (SSSHH!!)”

  1. Whoa! That sounds like one helleva book there girlfriend! In fact you make it sound so interesting. Love the way you write. You’re so pictorial in your words. I am so going to have to look into this one. Thanks for sharing.

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