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Some Kind of Wonderful

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My Teaser is from:

Some Kind of Wonderful

by Sarah Morgan

Excerpt from chapter 6

At the time she’d told herself it didn’t matter that he wasn’t able to express his feelings.
It was only after he’d left her that she’d realized the reason he hadn’t expressed himself was because he hadn’t felt the things she’d wanted him to feel. She’d imagined his feelings to suit her own needs, but in reality they hadn’t existed.
It was bitterly ironic that the first time he said something personal to her was ten years after they’d broken up. And even more ironic that he’d used her own emotional transparency against her.
“There is nothing I want to say.”
“I walked out on you ten days into our marriage.”
His gaze was steady. “Most women would have plenty to say about that.”
“I know what happened, Zach. I was there.”
In pieces. Broken. “And I had plenty to say at the time. Unfortunately you weren’t there to hear it.”
“I’m here now.”
“And now I don’t care.”
“Seems to me that if you didn’t care, you’d be accepting my offer of a lift to the hospital.”
“Maybe I prefer to take a cab and go on the ferry.”
His gaze held hers. “Yeah, that makes total sense. Why accept a twenty-minute journey when you could make it last four hours? The offer stays open. If you change your mind, call me.”
“Goodbye, Zach.”
She closed the door after him and stomped around the kitchen, crashing plates as she cleared the mess. She’d spent so long putting the whole thing behind her. Moving on. She’d rationalized it and learned from it. On a good day she could look back on it with humor. The bad days she ignored. Either way, it was in her past.
But now he’d shoved it into her present.
He’d ripped off all the new layers she’d built over the hurt. It was like demolishing a building right down to the foundations.
And what the hell was it all about?
Why was he offering to fly her to the hospital? Confused and unsettled, she paced the kitchen and back again, trying to find the calm she so desperately needed. Instead her insides churned and boiled like the ocean threatening a storm. She had no idea what to do with all the emotions inside her.
As far as she could see, there was only one way to fix this and it wasn’t a casserole.
She needed emergency help from her friends.

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