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Free Friday

Today at Free Friday’s BN.com is offering the eBook: 

Siren of the Waters (Commander Jana Mantinova Series #1), by Michael Genelin

From BN.com:


Commander Jana Matinova, Slovakian policewoman, pursues a master criminal.

Publishers Weekly

When seven women die in a van that skids off an icy highway and bursts into flames near Bratislava, Slovakia, at the start of Genelin’s chilling debut, evidence suggests that the victims were murdered, pawns in a human trafficking ring. After a nightclub is blown up, Slovak police commander Jana Matinova discovers that a vicious criminal, Ivan Makine (aka Koba), may be involved in the women’s deaths. The author deftly interweaves Matinova’s investigation with the somewhat tragic backstory of her relationship with her husband. Past intersects with the present when Matinova has a chance meeting in Strasbourg, France, with her daughter’s husband. From there, multiple murders lead to a mysterious man whose reason for the murders may be more poetic than practical. Matinova’s no-nonsense personality anchors the action throughout. (July)

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