Investigating death on a honeymoon just can’t bode well for a marriage.
While off-planet at the still unopened Olympus Resort Eve & Roarke enjoy their time together – even when interrupted to check out a death. Upon returning home Eve realizes that other suicides are happening – but for no apparent reason. These are people that even the profilers would never have anticipated committing suicide. Eve knows there’s a connection – now she just has to find it.

I love the In Death series and have read most of the books several times – apparently I’ve missed this one though. It wasn’t her best work. If I didn’t just love the characters I’d never have finished. I can say, if you’ve read the newer books, Eve’s personality is much lighter in this book than is usual. Maybe it’s from the three weeks of vacationing, who knows? She just laughs and jokes in this book in a way that is not typical of her personality.

I think this book is funny because you get to see another side of Mavis’s personality. And watching Eve try to push Nadine away it just humorous. Overall it’s a good book but the gaming and technical aspects were really a turn-off for me.

Rating: B

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