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Audra is his sister-in-law, Julia’s, step-mother. Sure she’s about Julia’s age but still. the last thing Ethan expected was to marry her just to fix the problem with the living arrangements.

But, maybe having a wife won’t be too bad. She can cook. She loves to clean. Ethan’s never seen her cry. No, this shouldn’t be too bad at all. As long as Ethan doesn’t have to feel anything, this relationship should be just about perfect.

And then someone comes looking for his new wife.

Hott Review

Wonderful! I missed the first book in the series so catching up on the interworkings of this family took me a few minutes but it was still a quick read and quite a lot of fun.

What will I ever do if Ms. Connealy stops writing books??


Author: Mary Connealy
Grade: B+
Steam: YA
Series: The Kincaid Brides 2

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  1. I adore Mary’s work! I have this one sitting on my TBR shelf and can’t wait to get to it 🙂 The first one was absolutely amazing! 🙂

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