Hott Synopsis

Cindy has it all.
Deceased parents.
A Wicked Step-Mother.
Evil Step-Sisters.
Half Ownership in a business that she slaves over.
A Prince Charming that isn’t.

All she needs now is a fairy godmother… of course, she does have an awesome godmother already.

Hott Review

I’m not sure which of these novellas was the best. It was wonderful to flip from one person to the next and just fall in love with each of them.

The stories may have the underlying Cinderella theme but they’re not trite or simplistic. They each have their own storyline that all tie together but can each be enjoyed separately. This is a must have for teen romance readers… but I’ll be keeping it on my shelf, as well.


Author: Gail Sattler
Source: Barbour via Netgalley
Grade: A
Ages: 13+
Series: Romancing America


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7 Replies to “Review: Seattle Cinderella”

  1. I remember being surprised by how fast each couple got engaged and then married-it seemed super fast to me even though each couple was great together. I had a hard time choosing a favorite.

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