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Kait watched in shock as her best friend, Astrid’s, baby was drowned, because he was half selkie. But when Astrid herself is found floating the pain is unbearable. Kait has no one left, excepting her twin brother.The selkie can’t believe that a human like Kait would murder a babe. Didn’t she realize that it was human, as well? It’s a shame, because now she must be made to pay for killing the selkie.

Hott Review

The writing was good. The plot was good. The characters were well developed. The romance was sweet – if a bit mature.
My biggest problem with the book? The cover! Goodness, he looks younger than my son and each time I picked it up I felt like cougar with a seal fetish just reading it!


Author: Krista Holle
Grade: C+
Ages: 16+ — I’ll not give it to my nieces but I would have devoured this at 16.
Steam: Very mature YA!

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