Hott Synopsis:

“An adventure by it’s very nature is finite.”

That’s truly what the very proper widowed Lady Delilah Hargate believes so when the only only adventure she’s ever succumbed to shows up at her sister’s wedding Delilah is mortified, and miffed.

Samuel Russell, on the other hand, has travelled from New York to track down the lady he can’t forget. He’s shocked to learn upon arriving that she’s not whom she said she was but instead the sister of his best friend. The sister who is currently in search of the “perfect man”. She refuses to even acknowledge his presence because he isn’t quite as perfect as she’d prefer – yet, she can’t seem but to ignite when he’s around.

Can Sampson, I mean, Samuel, show Delilah the error of her ways or will the perfect groom appear before he’s able?

Hott Review:

Oh My Goodness! I loved this. It was so much fun.

I really enjoyed this not just because of the plot but because of the humor. I could not help but to laugh out loud at the conversations and several times I caught myself crying over their memories. This book was an amazing ride!!


Author: Victoria Alexander
Source: I cheated 😉 I pre-ordered this book but then saw it was on Netgalley so I grabbed it there so I could read it sooner… at least I didn’t get a refund!
Grade: A+
Steam: Adult – definitely steamy but not too much to skim
Setting: England
Series: Millworth Manor







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