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Deep Trouble by @maryconnealy

Shannon has been engaged to Bucky forever. Well, sort of.


Though you wouldn’t know it to watch her. She’s been researching and studying to try to find the treasure her father found just before his death. She just can’t believe that he spent his life trying to find a treasure that meant more to him than the family he left behind. She’s not even realizing that she’s doing the same thing to others that he did to destroy her.

Now, she’s off, without Bucky, gallivanting through the desert with a bunch of hired hands and trying desperately to hide the maps that he left for her. Until, she learns that hired hands aren’t as trustworthy as the money you pay them with. They’ve left her high and dry and barely alive.

Gabe hears the melee and races to see where the shots and screams originated. And sees, high on an unaccessible ledge above him the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Now, all he needs to do is rescue her. Somehow.

My Thoughts

Another, Mary Connealy book. UGH! I know better. I pick it up and don’t put it down until it’s over. I have no life but the adventure that is in her book until it’s over.

I loved the adventure. I utterly love searching for lost treasure. I especially love the comedy of the romance. The sarcasm… I sometimes thinks she lives in my house…

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: BUY!!
Steam: YA – Some heated kissing.
Series: Wild West Weddings Series 2
Publisher: Barbour Books Publish Date: May 1st 2011
ISBN: 1602601496 Price: $8.67(GR)

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6 thoughts on “Deep Trouble by @maryconnealy

  1. I am seriously loving that cover!

    The sarcasm… I sometimes thinks she lives in my house…

    LOLOL!!! 😀

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