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Love Remains (The Matchmakers #1), Kaye Dacus

Five women who at almost eighty and who really haven’t changed much from the sorority girls they were decide that they have had enough of the lackadaisical attitude their grandchildren are taking about marriage. For heaven’s sakes some of them are more than thirty! And so the matchmakers have begun…

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Everyone know you must have a servant’s heart but did God really intend for Zarah to take Him quite so literally? It’s doubtful. Just days after being released from the hospital she could be found in the kitchen washing dishes. Not so surprising as she does live by her self. But she’s not cleaning up after herself. Oh, no. Zarah is cleaning up during the mixer church’s singles group of which she is a part is holding. After taking a closer look, though, you’ll find Zarah’s not really part of the group – she’s just a servant on the fringes making things easier for the members & leader. Why can’t anyone see this?

Bobby does. Of course, Zarah doesn’t really want to see Bobby. Especially not at the mixer. Especially since she hasn’t seen him since he broke her heart fourteen years ago. Or did she break Bobby’s heart? It’s a bit hard to tell.

Bobby finds Zarah at the kitchen sink ready to pass out from over-exertion and drags her home where she should be! He’s not going to care about her again. He didn’t know before that she’d run out on him – but he’ll expect it this time. Until, Bobby finds himself heading an investigation trying to prove that Zarah’s office is doing something illegal and he finds he must find out if she’s the person who left or the person he fell in love with.

For me, the jury was still out on whether I was jsut enjoying the series Kaye Dacus wrote or whether I liked the author. After this book – I can say without a doubt – She’s a great author!

What I enjoyed: The people, the plot, the story, the way I was wrapped emotionally around the characters and what was happening. 

What I didn’t enjoy: Hmm. Nothing, really. It was a really solid book. Go ahead & grab it- you’ll want to read it again!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review

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4 thoughts on “Love Remains (The Matchmakers #1), Kaye Dacus

  1. I haven't heard of this author, but I like the sound of her book. Thanks for introducing me to a new author, I will have to check out.

  2. I really enjoyed her books. At first I thought I just enjoyed the first series I read – but, alas, she's just that good!

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