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Review: Miss Match

Hott Synopsis

Laurie may only be twenty-three but she definitely has her life figured out.

BNAmazonGRCBD – Author

She knows she’s a Christian. She knows she’s in the career She’s meant to be in. She knows she’s never getting married. She knows that she’s fabulous at setting up people who otherwise would probably never manage to come together.

She works as a photographer for Brandon, her best friend since second grade. She can handle it all. until, of course, brandon decides to hire Malibu barbie as the new secretary. Then things start to fall apart.

Laurie gets asked out by a doctor that she has absolutely no interest in but doesn’t know how to turn down. Laurie is asked to head a pre-teen bible study on Romans but doesn’t even remember reading it. Oh, and Laurie sort-of gets caught holding hands with her co-worker’s brother… The co-worker that doesn’t like her.

Ugh… Will the torment never end?

Hott Review

What a fun book! Who would ever have thought that something fought be inspirational and hilarious? I was giggling even as I pulled out my bible to check the references.

Generally, I just don’t get chick lit but this one just seemed to call to me. I’m so glad that it did. There was quite a defilement of God’s sovereignty and terrific explanations on how to follow that any novice can catch and yet it still works fir those of us that have been followers for years.

Rating: B+
Steam: Nada
Series: Lauren Holbrook #1
Publisher: Th1nk Books Publish Date: April 15th 2007
ISBN: 1600060951 Price: $0.75(GR)
Others in the series: Miss Match (Lauren Holbrook, #1)
Rematch (Lauren Holbrook, #2)
Match Point (Lauren Holbrook, #3)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by The Wormhole! Just thought I would swing by to check out your blog too – I don't ever seem to get to all of the ones I follow. Nice review! Happy reading!

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