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Review | Out of the Storm

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Contemporary category:

Squall Line

The Ludwigs are just a farming family. For families like that there is no time for dreaming only working.
But their oldest dreams of getting his wings. Constantly reminded by the planes that skim his barn.

Review: ​This is a really good story. If you’ve never ridden in a small plane you wouldn’t understand how real and descriptive that the author is being while still keeping the story short and fun. I can’t wait to read more from him!

Author: Jim Hamlett
Grade: B+
Ages: 15+
1st place (Contemporary)

Dorothy’s Carol

​Old and bitter, Dorothy doesn’t know why those church people keep visiting. Dropping off a basket each year for Christmas isn’t going to reconcile Dorothy to GOD.
Until a young pregnant Carol appears needing love and GOD.

Review: ​This is a really sweet short story. It’s not very “Christian” but more like scrooge’s redemption.

Author: Terrie Todd
Grade: B+
Ages: 15+
2nd place (Women’s Fiction)

A Rumspringa Storm

After spending time with an Englisher that eventually deserted her for another from his world, Ruth realizes that the God of her community and the cold heart of her mother isn’t the life she wants, but does she have the strength to stand up for herself?

Review: Adorable! I’m surprised​ this only got 3rd. It’s a truly enjoyable story & I can’t wait to read more from Steve!

Author: Steve Hooley
Grade: A
Ages: 15+
3rd place (Amish)

Tempest Tossed

Mommy and daddy are getting older and it’s time to decide what to do about Samuel.
Samuel has a storm raging inside of him, it’s a mental illness that has been passed down through their family for generations.
Is Sarah ready and willing to take over our will she shirk her responsibilities?

Review: I ready enjoyed this story until it ended abruptly and left me hanging. I think I’d really enjoy reading something full length from Ms. O’Hare

Author: Annette O’Hare
Grade: C+
Ages: 15+
4th place: (Women’s Fiction)

Speculative category (Fantasy / SciFi):

The Grumpy Chronicles

We’ve all heard Snow White’s story but have you ever wondered about the elves? Who were they? What happened to them? Why did they care for that silly girl?

Review: I absolutely loved this story! It was a terrific fantasy and I’ll be searching for more from this author!

Author: Susan Lyttek
Grade: A+
Ages: 15+
1st place (Fantasy)

The Great Storm

Tullia Lee can’t seem to keep peace in her heart as is the way of her people, especially when their land is invaded.
Prince Henry has a job to do. He’s to storm the land and execute the hierarchy, but he knows that it’s not what Good would want. Dudes he follow orders or do what’s right?

Review: A great story that ends frustratingly incomplete.

Author: Karla Rose
Grade: C
Ages: 15+
2nd place: (SciFi)


Oddman is the alien on the planet and the only one able to save it. Can it be the hero these, who never accepted him, need or will he prove them right?

Review: This has a bit of an Avatar feel to it which turned me off, but my boys love.

Author: Carla Hoch
Grade: B
Ages: 15+
3rd place (SciFi)


Stephanie Hudson has been living in this quiet house for years when suddenly one rainy evening an eight-year-old little girl appears in her mudroom and claims that it’s her house.

Review: A fun and scary story. Can’t wait to read more!

Author: Linda Kozar
Grade: B+
Ages: 15+
4th place (SciFi)

Others category:

Just West of Clovis

Out of work and luck, a lone cowboy runs into a foot sticking out of the dirt. When the foot starts moving so does the most miraculous story you’ll ever hear.


Author: Ralph D. James
Grade: A
Ages: 15+
1st place (Western)

Husband Hunting

Roxie can’t believe Garrett would steal her wedding dress and hide in the caves, and on her wedding day no less! How could someone who was once her best friend destroy the best day of her life? And why?

Review: Adorable!!! This was a fast paced fun romance. Can’t wait to read more!

Author: Crystal L. Barnes
Grade: A
Ages: 15+
2nd place (Western)


An elf stuck in a far world. Needed but detested. Unloved by her step-family and invited to a ball…. it must be a mistake.

Review: A cute refine Cinderella story. Okay but a bit confusing.

Author: Gretchen Engel
Grade: C
Ages: 15+
3rd place (YA / Fantasy)

Fire in a Storm

As a new officer in the NKFD secret police Pavel is ready to do as assigned. Until his orders include destroying a church and killing the family that runs it. can the priests daughter show Pavel the Lord before he manages to murder them all?

Review: An all encompassing suspense. Great read.

Author: Angela K. Couch
Grade: A
Ages: 15+
4th place (Historical)

Hott Review:

What I liked: Overall, I really enjoyed each of these stories and can’t wait to see more from the authors.
What I didn’t like: Not all of them triggered my emotions or imagination.


Out of the Storm is an anthology featuring the winners of the 2014 “Storming the Short Story” contest, sponsored by a chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

Proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to the Scholarship Fund of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

Source: Chalfont House ARC
Overall Grade: B
Ages: 15+
Steam: NONE
This Counts for these Challenges: 2015 Let Me Count The Ways Reading Challenge, 2015 New Authors Reading Challenge, Monthly Mix-up Mania, 2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge


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