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Living in a town of secrets isn’t all it would seem. Sure, generally everyone minds their own secrets, but when a tragedy strikes the finger pointing is much more tragic.

Allowing Jordan Copeland, who once murdered a young boy in cold blood, to live in the vicinity doesn’t seem so bad until fifteen year old Jake Van Gorden turns up missing. Then it’s such a menagerie that the chief calls on a good friend to help him out. He wasn’t counting on that good friend bringing Jane Perry, though.

From the initial brief, Jane knows that there is much more to this case that meets the eye. From the onslaught Jane feels certain that not only is Jake still alive but that he was a willing participant. She’s also positive that Jake’s parents know more than they’re owning up to.

Are Jake’s parents really willing to risk their only child just to keep their secret? If only, Jane could figure out which secret made Jake disappear – voluntarily or not – she could find a way to bring him back safely.

Hott Review

Like the last Jane Perry novel, I had trouble putting this down! It’s very hard to remember that it’s only a story – it just draws you into it’s depth.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the ‘in Death’, Detective DD Warren’, or Catherine Coulter’s FBI Series. There is foul language and intimacies but nothing overly descriptive or foul if you enjoy the series’ I mentioned. The plot was fully developed and the characters real and easy to relate to.

I can’t wait for the next one!

Author: Laurel Dewey
Rating: A
Steam: Adult — Language & Sensuality
Series: Jane Perry #3
Publisher: The Story Plant Publish Date: July 28th 2011
ISBN: 0984190554 Price: $3.99(GR)
Others in the series: An Unfinished Death, Novella (4/11)
Promissory Payback (8/11?)

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