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When asked how many people want to kill you, it shouldn’t take all of your fingers and most of your toes to count out the list. Yet, that’s what it took Olivia.

Sure, Olivia was going up against one of the most well connected men in the US, her father, but he wouldn’t try to kill her just because she’s trying to have him arrested. Would he? No, of course not. He just wants her locked away.

So, it must be someone else…

Hott Review

This book is like a trap – one that entices you and enthralls you so much that you’re despondent when you’re finally free. I’m waiting with bated breathe for the next in the series… or maybe I could start over, they’re worth re-reading!


Author: Julie Garwood aka Jayne Anne Krantz
Source: Dutton USA (Penguin) via Netgalley
Grade: A
Steam: Adult!
Series: Buchanan-Renard


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