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Review: The Action Bible Devotional

Hott Synopsis

God gave us His Word and It is good.
It is wonderful.
It is hard to understand.

Especially, for pre-teens! Because, let’s face it — they really don’t want ANOTHER list of ambiguous do’s and don’ts — they want an application. Something they can do now. They need to SEE how it applies to them.

‘The Action Bible Devotional’ ties it all together. It takes the Words of God, adds some awesome graphics, gives the reader a mission, ignites their thoughts, and guides them through their walk with God. All of that in one easy to enjoy book that’s great for even your reluctant reader.

Hott Review

What I liked: I loved that, because it’s essentially a comic, my son didn’t realize exactly how much he was reading. He loved the graphics and really started to read the Bible for himself. The missions were absolutely applicable to his pre-teen life and really helped him to better understand the full realm of what God is and has done. The best part? It’s a weekly devotional so that when life gets busy he didn’t feel like he’d failed when he got behind a day or two.
What I didn’t like: Honestly, I really enjoyed it but more traditional families/people aren’t going to like that it’s essentially a comic book with God’s Words added nor will they like that it uses a newer translation than King James.


Author: Jeremy V. Jones, Sergio Cariello (Illustrator)
Source: David C. Cook via Netgalley
Grade: A+ — I bought it for my son!!
Ages: 10-15


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