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The Art of Romance by @KayeDacus

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God must love irony.

The Art of Romance

At least that’s what Caylor is starting to believe. She still blushes when she thinks about the mainstream ‘romance’ novels she wrote when she started out her writing career. At least it was under a pseudonym, or so Caylor keeps reminding herself, because now Caylor is writing Christian romance and she’d never sell books if her audience knew what Caylor had written when she started. The irony? Well, she’s falling for a guy who who eerily reminds her of the model whose portraits graced the covers of her novels.

Dylan has secrets, as well. Secrets he needs to keep for his mother’s state senate nomination, but, well, it’s not like she likes him anyway. Sure his mother says she loves him but she’s never approved of him. Her disapproval was bad enough but she even went so far as to refuse to help him get his art degree… she said that he’d have to do it himself and he did… By creating the covers – as the artist and the model – to the raunchy mother his mother won’t admit that she reads.

Hott Review

Snazzy! This is one of those books that you must keep lying around the house to grab when you need a comforting old friend. The characters felt so real and so very familiar that it’s hard to even explain.

I loved the author meets artist scenario but I honestly think that my favorite part is that the characters don’t really take themselves too seriously (well, not the main characters). It’s really refreshing to see people who have many of the same character traits that I look for when choosing friends. For instance, there is a part in the book when Caylor is with someone who is drinking, quite a lot, I loved how she handled that and how nonjudgmental the players in the scene were with each other.

Kaye Dacus writes a refreshing fun romance!!

Rating: A+
Steam: YA — there is talk of premarital bliss & alcohol consumption
Series: Matchmakers 2
Publisher: Barbour Publish Date: May 1st 2011
ISBN: 9781602609907 Price: $12.99(GR)
Others in the series: Love Remains

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  1. I love Kaye's books! I just got this to review so hopefully I can get to it soon!!

    XOXO~ Renee

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