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What Happens in Vegas

Hott Synopsis

Binda Morningstar’s boss, Nigel, is missing.

She thinks. Well, he didn’t show up for a meeting that his whole carreer hinges on and Binda knows he just wouldn’t have missed that meeting. Unless, maybe, it has something to do with the Mystic Diamond that he’d been searching for. The Mystic Diamond that’s really a sapphire. The Mystic Diamond from the legend of the Dread Pirate Daisy. The Mystic Diamond that’s cursed. Or it could have been that Nigel’s financed his research with money from a guy with the nickname ‘The Shiv’.

Binda’s only hope comes in the form of Corin Hawthorne, Nigel’s brother. The brother that refuses to acknowledge Nigel’s existence. The brother that refuses to believe that Nigel’s missing. The brother that’s a private investigator. The brother whose ex-wife is Nigel’s business partner. The brother that Binda finds heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

Hott Review

I started laughing with the first sentence and didn’t stop until long after I’d finished. How the author managed to wrap a hilarious, sexy mystery into 125 pages is beyond me but it worked – oh, so well.

Author: Natasha Deen
Rating: A
Steam: Adult – if you’re not into too much steam you can read all but the last two pages, it’s a fun book!

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6 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas

  1. What a great review. I've read this author before. I think she was writing under another name at the time though. I've read I Love You a Latte and The Genie's Curse. I always found her writing super fun.

  2. @Natahsa — Wow! What a wonderful response from the author. Thank you so very much. I adored it!

    @Juju – It was really fun! Steamy but, well, not. It was quite a relaxing, fun mystery!!

  3. Hi Juju–yes, I also write under Bronwyn Storm (y'know, because with my keen desire to be a superhero, I try to have as many aliases as possible :P). I compiled Genie into an anthology with Shoe-In for Love, and called it "Sneakers, Sandals & Stilettoes: Fairy-Tales for the Well-Heeled Princess." Shoe-In isn't exactly romance, but it is comedic with romantic elements…thanks SO MUCH for enjoying my work (and calling me "super fun"–I'm ready to swoon :D).

    And Gina–I had to laugh. You're SO RIGHT re: "Steamy, but, well, not." I just couldn't imagine a "proper" love scene…with the way Binda was created, there would have to be ropes and restraints involved (namely so no one was injured in the process). I'm so glad you found it relaxing, that was EXACTLY my intention when I set out to write it: Funny, relaxing, and just leaves the reader happy.

    Better go before I start writing a novel…have a great Monday!

  4. Natasha Deen: 🙂 Oh right on! I had no idea Genie was moved. Very cool! Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to checking out your new stuff 🙂

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