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Review | Worth the Time

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A non-existant dad and a rarely-show mom has proven to Lindsey that she can only count on herself. Even God has deserted Lindsey.

Always looking for someone to love her, Lindsey put her trust in the wrong person freshman year. She emerged from the incident just a shell of the person she was before. It’s now senior year and Lindsey is finally starting to crack. That facade she perfected can’t be maintained when she’s faced with reality – and a God that knows she’s worth the time.

Hott Review:

Oh, Laura Jackson! You ruined a perfectly productive day! I picked this up while in a waiting room and just couldn’t put it down!
What I liked: I loved ‘Worth the Time’! Not only does this novel give the clear message of Christ but it also portrays real people, real teens, and real life without being secular.
What I didn’t like: This was really emotional and it’s so hard to remember you’re not with Lindsey.


Author: Laura Jackson
Source: Laura Jackson
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA
Setting: Houston, Tx
Series: Waltham Academy #2

Worth the Wait

Worth the Time

Author Bio:

I love books. Back in third grade, my cousins teased me because I was reading a very thick book about the battle of New Orleans. I don’t remember anything about that battle now, but I remember wondering why they didn’t want to read it.

After graduating with a BA in English and history (where I didn’t learn anything about that battle of New Orleans), I taught 7th-grade language arts for eight years. That’s where I fell in love with YA books.

Wanting to share my passion for books with more kids, I earned a Master of Library Science degree and switched to an elementary school. I loved sharing great books with kids, but I missed writing with my students.

So, I started writing on my own. My first book was a flop, and I didn’t even finish it. Then, Ellie kept popping up in my head, and I had to write her story. So begins the Waltham Academy series.

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