Blessed Are the Misfits By Brant Hansen

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Great News for Believers who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something

Warning: If modern church culture makes perfect sense to you, and you always fit in seamlessly, don’t read this. As for the rest of us…

While American church culture (and American culture at large) seems largely designed for the extroverted, it’s estimated that half of the American population is introverted, and they’re often left wondering how, even if, they fit in the kingdom of God. As one of them, popular radio host Brant Hansen brings news. It’s wonderful, refreshing, and never-been-said-this-way-before good news.

In his unique style, Hansen looks to answer questions that millions of people carry with them each day:

  • If I don’t relate to God as emotionally as others do, is something wrong with me?
  • How does one approach God, and approach faith, when devoid of the “good feelings” that seem to drive so much of evangelical church culture?
  • How does God interact with those who seem spiritually numb?
  • Is the absence of faith-based emotion a sign of that God has moved on or was never there?
  • What if we aren’t good at talking to people about our faith, or good at talking to people at all?
  • What if I’m told I’m too analytical, that I “think too much”?
  • Where does a person who suffers from depression fit in the kingdom? Is depression a sure sign of a lack of faith?
  • This book is good news for people who are desperately looking for it. (And for their loved ones!)
  • It’s also for those who want to believe in Jesus, but inwardly fear that they don’t belong, worry that don’t have the requisite emotion-based relationship with God, and are starving for good news.

    Blessed Are the Misfits is going to generate discussion, and lots of it. It’s simultaneously highly provocative and humbly personal. It’s also leavened with a distinct, dry, self-effacing humor that is a hallmark of Hansen’s on-air, writing, and public speaking style.

    Hott Review:

    I listen to Brant Hansen every day on the radio. As soon as I heard him talk about his book, Blessed Are the Misfits, I knew I needed to read it. It seemed like it would explain so much, and yet. I was worried. I’m always worried when I read “Christian” books. Just because they’re “Christian” does NOT mean the person who wrote that book believes anything similar to what I do… or should.

    Plus, I was hoping this would be something I could share with my introverted son. To help him feel more comforatble with himself and his relationship with God.

    Blessed Are the Misfits is everything I hoped for and more. But I’ll warn you it WILL make you uncomfortable. As it should when we’re trying to become what God has in store for us.

    So many times I found myself thinking, “Brant’s right” as I read, it was especially difficult when he was repeating those conversations I have in my head I didn’t realize so many shared. There was one section especially that called to me though, about how many of the Christian stories are dissasfying. The stories shared are often edited and while it makes the point the author is trying to get across, it also leaves so many wondering why their story didn’t end that way. It’s, obviously, because that wasn’t the end of the story only a high point and yet it leaves me dissatisfied with most conversations and nonfiction. I’ve found myself getting so cynical about them, because I, personally, need to hear the rest of the story, the perpetual real-life struggle that’s not only found at my house.

    I’ll definitely be sharing this with my son – and any others – because not only does he need to know he’s not alone, we need “people”.

    If you find yourself having trouble fitting in, maybe it’s time to read Blessed Are the Misfits.

    ** Full disclaimer — I was very worried I was going to hate Blessed Are the Misfits because every day I’m in the car for about 15 minutes in the morning, and about 30 in the evening and I listen to the promos where they tease Brant’s stuff. But I only ever get to hear half. Either the teaser or the punchline. Never the full story/joke. It’s so confusing! And I get irritated… Why do they break it up, Don’t they realize I can’t sit in the car waiting indefinitely?


    Author: Brant Hansen
    Source: The BookLook Bloggers Team
    Publisher & Date: November 28th 2017 by Thomas Nelson
    Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
    ISBN: 0718096312 (ISBN13: 9780718096311)
    Pages: 256
    Grade: A+ | I think this may be he first A+ I’ve EVER given to a non-fiction book!!!
    Ages: 16+


    Author Bio:

    Brant HansenBrant Hansen is an author, nationally syndicated radio host, and advocate for healing children with correctible disabilities through CURE International.

    He’s won multiple “personality of the year” awards for his work on his offbeat and quirky radio show, which airs on more than 200 stations. His podcast with his friend and radio producer, Sherri Lynn (“The Brant and Sherri Oddcast”) has been downloaded millions of times.

    He leverages his radio platform to advance the healing work of CURE, a global ministry of hospitals and programs that offer healing for children.

    His first book, Unoffendable, has prompted a national discussion on the idea of forgiveness, and our culture’s embrace of self-righteous anger.

    His second book, both provocative and very personal, is Blessed are the Misfits: Great News for Those Who Are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something. In this book, Hansen addresses his own, and many others’, inability to “feel God’s presence”, and how God might Himself feel about that.

    Brant speaks to groups/conferences/churches when his schedule allows.

    He has written for, The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Relevant, and numerous other outlets on matters as varied as public policy, culture, sports, Asperger’s Syndrome, and faith. He’s been a game inventor, fronted a modern rock band, still dabbles in singing and songwriting.

    He’s traveled extensively throughout the world for CURE and other groups, including multiple trips to CURE’s hospital for women and children in Afghanistan.

    He has been married for 27 years to Carolyn, and they have two grown children.

    Websites & Links: author's website author's twitter author's facebook


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