Ben, Beatrix, Clara and Chris are best friends at school, and they’re also in a secret detective club – the Cluefinders Club!

Rosy, a girl from school, has gone missing, and all clues point to the spooky house at the edge of town. Where did she go to, and why? And why do all the clues in the house point to a bigger mystery?

Can the Cluefinders find the clues they need to solve the mystery?

Hott Review:

What I liked:The Case of the Harrowing Hideaway is a cute short story for a reluctant reader or a quick read. I enjoyed the spooky but fun atmosphere.

The mystery was a interesting but there is no way to figure it out without being told. The end is light and fun.

What I didn’t like: I was disappointed that the last third of The Case of the Harrowing Hideaway is info about the book series and characters.

After finishing The Case of the Harrowing Hideaway is see that it’s meant for 7-10 year-olds. It’s a perfectly acceptable read for them, I just find it a bit odd as the main characters are thirteen.


Author: Ken T Seth
Source: I purchased The Case of the Harrowing Hideaway when it was free on August 24, 2017.
Publisher & Date: Published August 20th 2017
Genre: Short Story, Mystery, Middle-grade, Children
Pages: 24
Grade: B
Ages: 7-14
Setting: Haloween
Series: The ClueFinder Club Book 11


Ken T Seth

Author Bio:

My passion is reading and writing books about the bedtime stories for children
because I need to help parents to improve the imagination, inspiration, creativity, motivation and innovation for their children.

I love what I do. Much of my childhood was spent “making up stories in my head” – these days I still do the same thing – but now I write it all down to the collection books on Amazon Kindle.


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