Blueberry Surprise

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It releases on Tuesday, so snap it up!

Hott Synopsis: How do you know when it’s time to move on? Lorna’s husband died more than a year ago but Lorna is still hanging on. Hanging on to both jobs she was working to pay his med school bills. Hanging on to her in-laws. Hanging on to being busy so that she doesn’t need to feel the hurt of his desertion. Maybe, Lorna will find a way to move on without her husband. Without the children she’s been craving. Without the music she’s always wanted to teach. But she will not give up her life for someone else again.
Hott Review: It was nice to read a contemporary Wanda Brunstetter book. It was very romantic but it was a bit slow. The characters were very sweet and there was a cute plot.
I think this is a terrific ya romance.

Grade B

Grandma’s Doll

Hott Synopsis: Grandma’s consolidating. She’s packing up her glorious old farmhouse and precious antiques and moving to a one room apartment that’s easier to maintain. Each of the grandchildren have been given the opportunity to chose an item of Grandma’s as a keepsake. Only, Sheila can’t find what she’s been longing for – Grandma’s doll.

Hott Review: Lovely. I loved the search though the antique shops searching for the missing antique. It was such fun to watch the prized possession slipping through her fingers.

Grade B+

Matchmaker 911

Hott Synopsis: Wendy is overworked and orderly stressed. At least that’s what her customers have been telling her. The patrons of her barber shop seem to agree that what this young lady could use is a bit of romance. Not to worry, though! It’s nothing that a matchmaking daddy can’t fix – or is it?

Hott Review: Loved it! Of the three novellas in this anthology this was definitely my favorite! It so sounded like something my Pap would have done I couldn’t help but smile. What a fun read!

Grade A

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Grade: B+
Steam: Y/A

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