The Midwife's Legacy

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A Mother’s Cry

Adele had lost only one woman in all of her years of midwifery and she’s reminded of that moment each and every day. Now, she’s faced with another woman with the same medical condition and isn’t sure she can withstand the possibility of another failure.

Review:while I loved the plt of this book it was very slow and felt a bit disjointed.

Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
Grade: C
Ages: 15+

The Midwife’s Apprentice

The wagon train is hard work! If only Polly hadn’t signed on as the midwife, leaving her family behind. She’s lonely, especially when her only adventure calls her purity into question and causes a rift at the camp.

Review:Loved it! Tons of fun.

Author: Rhonda Gibson
Grade: B+
Ages: 12+

Birth of a Dream

Chrisiana fell right in to the deepend of the midwifery pool without a lifevest. The only rescuer in sight was the city’s strongest journalist against the women’s rights movement.

Review:Sweet. Interesting. Fun.

Author: Pamela Griffin
Grade: B
Ages: 12+

Labor of Love

Kenda has a plan. Just a few more clients and she’ll be able to open her own clinic. Well, she would have been until a certain news article made people begin second guessing the skills of a midwife.

Review:A great book. Lots of fun and oh so sweet.

Author: Trish Perry
Grade: B
Ages: 12+


My favorite part? That the authors started the series in 1853 and continued it though to the present day. Absolutely amazing!

Source: Barbour Publishing via Netgalley
Overall Grade: B
Ages: 12+
Series: Romancing America


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