Wicked Widow

Madeline Deveridge is has been nightmares. Wicked Widow, Amanda Quick Vanza Series #3 Click on the book to link directly to B&N Artemis Hunt is called the Dream Merchant. What could be more appropriate? They said she’s murdered her husband because she’d found him inconvenient. They said she’d set fire to the house to conceal […]

I Thee Wed

I Thee Wed, Amanda Quick Emma Grayson, personal companion, to one Lady spends her days doing her best not to jeopardize her reputation or virtue. Luckily, she’s excellent at disguises, writing her own references, and handy with a chamber pot (clunking would-be rapists on the head with one, that is). What she is not good […]

With This Ring

Leo, Earl of Monkcrest, AKA ‘The Mad Monk’, is utterly shocked when a carriage pulls up to the door of his country estate. He barely welcomes invited quests and it’s been months since anyone has been invited. Out of the carriage comes Beatrice, who insists to the butler that she […]

Harrington Series

Another terrific series by Victoria Alexander! I started in the middle – again! – but I’ll do the reviews as I read them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am. There has to be another book – there’s another brother… I will let you in on a […]