Dream a Little Dream

Mel just barely lives through a fire at her apartment complex. Giving her a new determination to right the mistakes she’s made. But will the sexy firefighter who saved her be able to forgive her for past transgressions and make this a Christmas to remember?

Review: So adorable! I loved this sweet little book, my only wish is that it hadn’t moved so quickly!

Author: Jill Shalvis
Grade: A
Steam: Adult
Series: Lucky Harbor, 8.5

Every Year

It’s their first Christmas together and it’s time to start replacing horrific memories with happy ones but Shy and Landon don’t do happy. Can the Allen’s give these boys a Christmas to remember?

Review: I really didn’t enjoy this book. It was cute but didn’t seem to have a plot and the foul language was distracting.

Author: Kristen Ashley
Grade: D
Steam: Lots of cursing and steam
Series: Chaos, 2.5

Silent Night

Maryanne is homeless and running to the last place she has any happy memories – Last Chance. But when her car breaks down miles outside of town and the family homestead is in ashes she has no where left to go but to a handsome neighbor. And, he’s one of those do-gooders!

Review: LOVED IT! This book was cute and sweet. Romantic and Christmassy. A perfect hour spent by the fire.

Author: Hope Ramsay
Grade: A
Steam: YA
Series: Last Chance, 6.5

Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas

Lincoln can’t believe his mother would do this! She hired a professional organizer to spruce up the place before coming home for the holidays! Maybe this adorable little elf will help him get back some of the Christmas Spirit Lincoln didn’t realize he’d lost.

Review: Aww. I loved Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas! Just couldn’t put it down. The plot was new and different plus Dinah & Linc were just fun!

Author: Molly Cannon
Grade: A
Steam: Adult (It’s there but not too descriptive)
Series: Everson, Texas, .5

A Family for Christmas

Growing up with Dr Mom and Dr Dad specialists that make sure everyone knows their importance was ok, Jared didn’t know any better. But from the moment he sees Ilena the elf Jared starts questioning his prestigious big city upbringing and working in Tallgrass Oklahoma as a small time pediatrician becomes more than just rebellion.

Review: A Family for Christmas was a cute ending to the “A Christmas to Remember” set. I enjoyed it but didn’t LOVE it. I don’t know why but I just never felt like I was part of the story.

Author: Marilyn Pappano
Grade: B+
Steam: Adult-ish | It’s really non-specific and light
Series: Tallgrass, 1.5

Hott Review:

What I liked: A Christmas to Remember is a great Christmas romance. I’ll definitely keep this on the shelf, two of these were absolutely re-readable!
What I didn’t like: Actually, I didn’t enjoy the excerpts for the novels. For me, those were just wasted space since I won’t read excerpts. (I don’t like starting a book I Can’t finish right away.)


Source: Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley (I think it’s been there a while…)
Grade: B+
Steam: Overall, Adult. If you don’t want more than that then skip Every Year.


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