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Review: A Turn in the Road

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Family dynamics are a wonderful thing.

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Usually. Sometimes, though, they really stink! Six years ago Grant walked out on his wife of twenty years completely destroying her and their children. Grant danced into the sunset with a brand new – and much younger – wife while Bethanne struggled to keep herself and their children afloat.

Now that the kids are on their own and Bethanne has her own profitable business Grant has decided that he wants her back. Bethanne just isn’t sure if she wants Grant back so when an opportunity to go on a road trip with her daughter and Grant’s mother Bethanne decides to join them and take some time to think things through.

What she doesn’t count on is meeting someone new.

Hott Review

Don’t laugh. I started this book on a Saturday morning on the way to soccer… and didn’t put it down until I was finished. Yes, I know. I picked it up, forgot I had chores, and forgot I’m a mom. It’s a good thing there are only a couple of new ones a year.

I love the Blossom Street series. I enjoy watching people grow and their lives continue. The devastation that completely destroyed Bethanne was completely heart wrenching but reading the recounting as she looks back on it is just sad. Watching all three of these women change is a wonderful journey that everyone should take!

Author: Debbie Macomber
Rating: A+
Steam: Y/A
Series: Blossom Street 8
Publisher: Mira Price: $6.88(GR)

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