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Blueberry Queen – Thanks @netgalley

Kylie Jean wants to be a beauty queen.


As a matter of fact, she’s wanted that since she was little biddy. She’s not even a little sure how to make that come true until she remember that her town has a Queen for it’s Blueberry Festival.

With her dream well in hand Kylie Jean asks for the help of her friends and family to complete the requirements for the pageant. She must have a sponsor, an entry fee of twenty-five dollars, a recent photo, posters, a recommendation letter, a three-hundred work essay, and her own transportation. That doesn’t sound too hard – Kylie Jean has a plan.

My Thoughts

This was adorable. Zany loved it, I cried, even the boys listened. It was just perfect for Zany’s second grade reading level (words that tried her but were still workable) and her personality.

Only two things have been added to my to-do list after this book:
1. Zany has decided she wants to be a beauty queen.
2. Zany has decided that we need to move to the south so ‘Momma can talk like that all the time…’ I really need to stop getting into these stories!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Nada
Series: Kylie Jean
Publisher: Capstone Publish Date: 01/01/2011
ISBN: 1404866159 Price: $4.55(GR)

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