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Review: Dancing In The Moonlight

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Lt Magdalena Cruz returns home a war vet with a purple heart and a huge chip on her shoulder. Not that I wouldn’t. Having two of your friends killed by a bomb that also took your leg. Having everyone give you those pity looks. Having your fiance bail out when he sees that you’ll have to live without a leg.

On top of that the son of the man who essentially worked your father into his grave keeps following you around and giving your orders. Being the only doctor in the small town where you both live does not give him the right to issue orders about what you should or shouldn’t be doing! What is he thinking anyway? Your mother just fired the only help for the farm and she’s too busy to take care of everything. Someone needs to help.

Oh, but the prosthesis hurts. The phantom pains just kill when you’ve been on it too long and you’re still determined to use your childhood bedroom even if it is on the second floor and your mother has a perfectly good bed – and couch for that matter – right on the ground floor.

Hott Review

The book overall was pretty good. For me, though, the last couple of chapters just dragged. I can’t seem to get past that and had the worst time even finishing the book it bothered me so much. I absolutely will not read it again – and I read almost everything more than once – but I’d say it’s a decent book if you have nothing better to do, or if you’re up with sick kids and want a book that won’t keep you enthralled.


Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Source: Free eBook from BN.com
Grade: C
Series: Cowboys of Cold Creek, 2
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