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Drama Queen

Kylie Jean Carter only wants one thing –


to be a beauty queen.

So when her new teacher decides that the class will be acting out “Alice in Wonderland’ this year. Kylie knows that the part for her is the one of the Queen of Hearts. All she needs to do is to know her lines better than that nasty Paula…

My Thoughts

This was adorable! Zany wanted to read it every night until it was finished – even though we have a one chapter a night rule we were done in just a couple of days.

I loved that though Kylie Jean’s character wants to be a beauty queen a main focus of the book is how she can have a beautiful character, as well. It gave us several lessons and helped through an evening after some children had hurt my girl’s feelings.

A cool event kit from the publisher can be found here.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Nada
Series: Kylie Jean
Publisher: Capstone Publish Date: 1/2011
ISBN: 9781404867574 Price: $3.85(GR)

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4 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Breaks your heart when you see your child hurt, doesn't it? That's one thing I don't miss of when the boys were young. Good way of teaching a lesson through a story. Good parenting. Give you an A+ for that one.

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