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Review: The Creed Legacy

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Tick. Tick. Tick. All Carolyn Simmons

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can hear is the ticking of her biological clock. It’s been eight years since that low down good for nothing cowboy ripped her heart out and tromped on it and she still isn’t over it – or him. Oh, that Brody Creed! Who does he think he is, anyway? He thinks he can just waltz back into town and take what he wants! Well, Carolyn is not up for the taking!

Brody Creed knows that it’ll take a miracle to change Carolyn’s mind about him but maybe a bit of work and some good old fashioned charm will do the trick instead.

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I so wanted to be there! There was so much about this book that was romantic and sexy that I was just jealous but I enjoyed every moment of it. It was a terrific wrap to this series.


I have a tendency to forget about books I want to read. I’ll reserve them at Netgalley or the library – or worse yet – purchase them from Amazon or BN and then poof they just completely get lost in the plethora of title I already own.

That’s what happened with The Creed Legacy. I read the other novels before this one was released and this one just wasn’t making it into my ‘currently-reading’ journal. Until, I saw Felecia’s meme ‘My Book Boyfriend’ featuring Brody Creed on The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog. Now, after I got done drooling over her imaginative pictures I picked that book up & gobbled it down!

Thanks Felicia!!

Author: Linda Lael Miller
Grade: A
Steam: Explicit
Series: Creeds 7
Others in the series: Logan, 1
Dylan, 2
Tyler, 3
A Creed Country Christmas, 4
    A Creed In Stone Creek, 5
Creed’s Honor, 6
The Creed Legacy, 7

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1 thought on “Review: The Creed Legacy

  1. hehe Brody was my favorite! Seriously he was so broken and yet so heartbreakingly YUM!

    I am so glad you gobbled it down 🙂

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