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Sizzle, Julie Garwood (Buchanan)

Lyra Prescott is being hunted. Why would anyone hunt her? Everyone likes her – with the possible exception of her parents.
Lyra has no idea that she’s done anything different but upon returning to her college apartment after a quick visit to her Grandmother’s she find her roommate held hostage in their apartment she does begin to wonder. Luckily, her roommate is none other than the younger of the Buchanan Family and calls them for help. Help arrives in the form of a Scottish FBI agent who owes her brother a favor – for saving his life… hmm, that sounds a bit backwards.Lyra is chased, shot at, and almost bombed. She does start to wonder if it had something to do with the yard sale she stopped at on the way to GiGi, her Grandmother. Well, yard sale wouldn’t be the correct term. Lyra picked up several signed first editions – Steinbeck, Tolkien – and other media and the seller didn’t want to be paid. Now she’s seeing on the news that there was a murder-suicide there just minutes after she left. Sizzle, Julie Garwood
First, I will say, you can’t go wrong with Julie Garwood. Though her books are not always ‘deep’ I always yearn for more. I love the Buchanan novels, for me, they fit right in with the Nora Roberts ‘In Death’ series and Catherine Coulters ‘FBI Series’. I can’t put any of them down and always feel like I’m visiting family when I pick up the next one or revisit an older one. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.Rating: A+

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