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The Last Olympian @RickRiordan

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Kronos is awake and intent on overtaking New York – and Mount Olympus. He’s managed to divide the Gods attention so that it’ll be much easier to take out the city.

All Percy needs to do to save everyone is to count on demi’s that have wavering on the fence. How do you trust someone you know has turned against you before. Greater still? How do you trust someone that you know is hiding something from you? They may be your best friend… but this is a war and someone is giving the opposing side the battle strategies.

Percy also needs to find the missing Grover and find a way to get Annabeth to work with Rachel. It seems like this is never going to go in his favor. Oh, and then there is that prophesy about the demigod not living to his 16th birthday and Percy turns 16 very soon.

Hott Review

The kids were entranced! We listened to this on the down to Florida – It was so interesting they hardly noticed the two extra hours my wrong turn took us out of the way! (Hubby still noticed, though…)

If you have kids on the fence with reading — these audios are a terrific way to get them interested. At least it worked on mine.

Author: Rick Riordan
Rating: A
Steam: YA — battle & smooching
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5
Publisher: Hyperion Publish Date: January 25th 2011
ISBN: 1423101502 Price: $3.45(Half)
Others in the series: The Lightning Thief, 1
The Sea of Monsters, 2
The Titan’s Curse, 3
The Battle of the Labyrinth, 4
Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades, 4.5
The Last Olympian, 5

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