Paige and Austin have known each other forever. They’ve even spent some time though high school in love. However, now that his brothers are marrying her sisters and Paige is living in the ranch’s guest room they can’t seem to stop running into each other. 

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Austin has just returned from riding Buzzsaw – the bull that almost killed him last year and needs a nurse. Not from this ride, of course, but from a herniated disc. He’s supposed to be relaxing and keeping off his feet. But when his brothers bring home a neglected and mostly starved horse and then start sneaking around Austin finds it hard to stay put.

Paige was asked to be Austin’s nurse and she’s doing a terrific job of it until she winds up an invalid herself. This time they’ve spent together just keeps reminding her of when he cheated on her in high school. ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater,’ right? 

I’m not always in the mood for westerns but their is just something about their manners, charm, and, well, arrogance that just sort-of works for me sometimes. Linda Lael Miller generally writes sweet enduring romances and this is no exception. It’s a very well written book.

What I liked: of course, I loved Austin’s personality. I love that whole, ‘sorry, you don’t like it but that’s just how it is’ attitude. I completely respect that – though it’s a pain to deal with at times. I really liked Paige. She didn’t like the situation but wasn’t a pain about it. She really seemed like a genuine person and very sweet – someone I’d want to know.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t get ‘into’ the book. For some reason. I felt like I was on the periphery of the story instead of a part of it. It was a bit odd. I think I would have enjoyed the story more if I just could have gotten closer.

Rating: B
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  1. Bummer! I hate when that happens. I adore westerns but it does take me being in the right mood.

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