Hott Synopsis

In the land of Brackenridge, during an age of wizards and warriors, the Frogs of Covington only know about their simple life around the pond.

Kept in solitude, their human characteristics and way of life was never questioned.

But when a beautiful sprite appears, and warns the frogs of a dark wizard and his evil snakes, Bastion must learn the truth about their past and fulfill his destiny as the guardian of Covington.

Hott Review

This fairy tale was really very nice.
What I liked: I enjoyed the characters. I think this book will be a perfect fit for girls and boys from about 6-13. The younger ones may need some help with the words but there is nothing inappropriate or dull that would prohibit their enjoyment.
What I didn’t like: I think it could have been a bit more attractive. It took several tries before I made it past the first few pages. Now that I know it’s good I’ll make sure the kids stick with it but those first couple pages didn’t drag me in.


Author: JJ Marro
Source: JJ Marro
Grade: B
Ages: 6-13


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